naked vine

"What is Naked Vine? It’s a wine bar; it’s a wine shop. We serve over 80 wines and 50 whiskeys by the glass. We feature live music every Friday night - mostly roots, swing, country blues, that kind of thing. There’s just nothing else like this in Chesterfield. Fearlessly authentic; that’s what we are.” - Bryan Herr, Innkeeper

What is naked vine?

a decidedly different wine and whiskey venue

It's a wine and whiskey shop; it's a whiskey and wine bar. Offering an enviable range of wine and whiskey that can be tasted, drunk by the glass or purchased by the bottle to take home. A selection of the area's finest craft beers rotate on tap. Farmstead cheeses and fine charcuterie are served on slate boards and pair wonderfully with our beverages.

there's just nothing else like it

Some of St. Louis' best musicians perform every Thursday and Friday night - mostly roots, swing, country blues, that kind of thing. Naked Vine is amalgam of drink and music, tucked into a cradle of reclaimed wood, iron, granite, personality and fun - brother, it's a whole lot of fun!!

we'd like to meet you

Naked Vine was created because we believe that wine and whiskey should be special, but not unattainable; and because we want to provide our guests with an experience that they'll tell their friends about.That's it. So if you like great wine, whiskey, company and music then we'd like to meet you. Once you do, I know you'll remember us. - Bryan Herr, Proprietor