naked vine

"What is Naked Vine? It’s a wine bar; it’s a wine shop. We serve over 80 wines and 50 whiskeys by the glass. We feature live music every Friday night - mostly roots, swing, country blues, that kind of thing. There’s just nothing else like this in Chesterfield. Fearlessly authentic; that’s what we are.” - Bryan Herr, Innkeeper

Life’s too short to drink wine from a big-box store.
— Bryan

Relax. No one here is naked. In fact, we'd prefer you remain fully clothed as well. Our name is Naked Vine for one reason - you'll remember it. Well, that and because I thought it was a little weird. I mean, people remember weird, right?

For me, names evoke memories. I hope that when you hear our name, you recall our comfortable surroundings; and that the staff was knowledgeable without being overbearing. That we had a unique selection of  small-production wines, whiskey and craft beer that paired wonderfully with our delicious artisan cheeses and salume. I hope you recall stopping in on a Friday night and hearing authentic, awesome and honest live music; that you were treated exceedingly well and had the time of your life.

Naked Vine was created because we believe that wine should be special, but not unattainable; and because we want to provide our guests with an experience that they'll tell their friends about.That's it. So if you like great wine, whiskey, company and music then we'd like to meet you. Once you do, I know you'll remember us.


Bryan, Innkeeper