About Us

A decidedly different Wine, Whiskey and Music Venue

We're a wine and whiskey shop; a whiskey and wine bar. Any of our selections can be purchased to take home or enjoyed at our one-of-a-kind bar. While the selection changes often, the focus always remains on small-production boutique wines and whiskeys.

our by-the-glass selections are unmatched

We list 90 wines by-the-glass, along with close to 100 whiskeys. 'nuff said.

so is our live music

Until we came along, live music in West County was largely Two Guys With A Catchy Name singing the same damn songs you hear on the radio everyday. The music we offer is just as important to our success as our wine and whiskey selections. Many of our artists tour nationally and appear at local venues such as Off Broadway, Delmar Hall, The Focal Point, Old Rock House, and The Pageant. Check out our calendar to see who's playing this week. I hope to see you and your friends soon.

- Bryan Herr, Innkeeper

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